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Perth's Best Cookies

Ready to order from Perth’s best cookie wholesaler? Jump onto our easy to use online store and take advantage of our no minimum order and free delivery (wholesale only). The hardest part is picking what to order! We can help you with that too, give us a call and we can walk you through what would be best suited your event or business.

Can you smell it? Hmmm mouth-watering handmade and baked cookies. A lot of love and thought is put into the creation of our ever-growing extensive range of handmade and baked cookies.

Our Chefs are continuously working on developing our range, creating and testing until we get the best cookies for you.  As Perth’s leading Wholesale Cookie Distributor, we pride ourselves on using only the best quality ingredients and where possible supporting our local business using locally sourced ingredients. When you order from The Cookie Barrel you know you are ordering the best and supporting a network of local producers!

Whether you are looking for cookies for you café, coffee shop, coffee van, restaurant, school, canteen or just stocking up your cookie jar, we’ve got the perfect cookie for you. 


If you are looking for a wholesale cake distributor or for savouries delivered in Perth then The Cookie Barrel is the place for you. Contact us today to find out more about our extensive range.


A selection of our large range includes our;

“BEST SELLER” Florentine Cookie:

Simple yet Perfect! This cookie doesn’t even get a chance to touch your counter top as it has been flying out the door. AND IT’S GLUTEN FREE!


Catering Cookies:

Whether you have an event coming up, stocking your office for morning tea supplies or leaving a treat in your guests rooms, we have a great selection of delicious catering cookies in varied sizes perfect for you.

Kids Cookies:

Cookie Dough:

We have all heard that the smell of freshly baked cookies help sell homes, making buyers feel warm and fuzzy, helps them feel at home. Why not make your customers feel right at home in your cafe/business with freshly baked cookies by taking out the hassle with our delicious cookie dough.

Gluten Free Cookies and other dietary requirements:​

We wouldn’t be the Supplier of Perth’s Best Cookies if we didn’t cater to all our Perth friend’s needs. We have an extensive range of cookies including Gluten Free, Dairy Free, No Added Sugar and more.


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