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Keto Tartlets

Little Loaves

Warm Puddings


Perth's Indivuals 

Individuals are a movement of their own who compete with large cakes for the spot of the most loved desserts. The Cookie Barrel can help your business provide some perfectly sweet individual options for your customers to appeal to their taste-buds for when small matters.

Our individual Little Loaves, Warm Puddings and Tartlets are made with taste and appearance in mind, so they're sure to please when enjoyed with coffee or tea, after a meal or for a special occasion.

​Made from all natural ingredients like all of our other goodies, our individuals are offered in an assortment of flavours, sizes and options, including gluten free for those with dietary concerns.

Ready to order? Jump onto our easy to use online store and take advantage of our no minimum order and free delivery (wholesale only).

As Perth’s leading Wholesale Baking Distributor, we pride ourselves on where possible supporting our local businesses using locally sourced ingredients. When you order from The Cookie Barrel you know you are ordering the best and supporting a network of local producers!

A selection of our large range includes our;


“BEST SELLER” Gluten Free Orange and Almond Little Loaves:


Gluten Free and utterly delicious! There is no wonder why it's a favourite, a perfectly moist and tasty little citrus loaf.

Jump onto our easy to use online store and take advantage of our free delivery (wholesale only). The hardest part is picking what to order! We can help you with that too, give us a call and we can walk you through what would be best suited your event or business.  


Contact us today to find out more about our range.

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