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Free delivery, free samples and Perth’s best muffins … there is no better way to start the day or complete a cuppa in a delicious way, than with a muffin. Easy to eat and delectable down to the very last crumb, our muffins include something to suit every palate.  


The Cookie Barrel’s premium, sweet and savoury muffins are baked fresh to order, ensuring that they're always a treat for your customers. We use wholesome ingredients, with no artificial flavours, baked from scratch and you will not see any pre-mixes in sight at our bakery.  


All our muffin recipes are made from scratch using good old-fashioned techniques for light and fluffy muffins and for the wholesome full taste of fruits that you can see and taste.    


Our large cafe muffins are offered in units or the grab’n’go range.     


Gluten Free Muffins: We even offer gluten free muffins to help you provide options to your customers with dietary needs. We believe in bringing awareness to what we put into our bodies in a positive way; and we believe in awesome baked goods.


A selection of our large range includes our; 


“BEST SELLER” Sweet Apple Crumble


Delicious spicy apple muffins, topped with a buttery streusel crumb just before baking.  


Healthy Options:

Perth’s Best Wholesale Muffin range, our bakery wouldn’t be without providing allergy and health friendly options ie Gluten Free Muffins and introducing our NEW Low Carb, Keto Muffins. We bake and make muffins with choices of Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Egg Free, Raw, No Added Sugar and Low Carb customers.

Jump onto our easy to use online store and take advantage of our free delivery (wholesale only). The hardest part is picking what to order! We can help you with that too, give us a call and we can walk you through what would be best suited your event or business.  


If you are looking for a wholesale muffin distributor then The Cookie Barrel is the place for you.

Contact us today to find out more about our range.

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